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The Pinewood Series of Homes

The Pinewood Series of predesigned homes offer a more moderately priced home as an alternative to the higher price range of custom homes. Customers may select floor coverings, kitchen counter tops, and bath vanity tops. However, structural and design changes are not available in the Pinewood Series of predesigned homes.

The Pinewood Series of homes are built from scratch, stick framed in the same manner as we would build a standard frame or brick home. The main difference is the exterior veneer. We generally use 2x8" pine log siding as opposed to brick, however, we can also use vinyl or masonite siding. All of the house framing is of standard construction, walls are 2x4's on 16" centers, ceiling joist are 2x6's on 16" centers, rafters are 2x6's on 24" centers. The Pinewood Series of homes are classified by lenders as "Homes", they are not pre-manufactured or modular/panel type homes. Each home is built individually---one at a time. It is for this reason that traditional lenders, (banks, mortgage companies), will finance the purchase of a Pinewood Series Home.

The Pinewood Series of Homes are available with concrete block/pad foundation, poured round concrete pier foundation, or traditional concrete slab foundation. We traditionally build the majority of our homes on slab foundation, however, many customers, in the past, have requested pier-type foundations. The two main reasons the customer give are; "you can always get under a pier foundation if necessary" and 'the pier foundation will allow me to move the home, at a later date, if I don't like it's original location on my property". The above customer requests are the main reason we have made the Pinewood Series available on pier foundations.

For those folks who do not want to wait to have us build their home on their property,  ( 9 weeks), or, are beyond our 40 mile building radius, we have a completed model available, that can be moved, to their property. The ability to move the home in one week, versus waiting the 9 weeks of construction time, enables our customers to be in their new home, almost immediately.

MODEL 1916 (4/2)

The Pinewood Series of Homes are available in 4 models. You can preview each model by clicking on the Icon  To either side.

MODEL 1748 (3/2) MODEL 1248 (2/2)