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Pinewood Home Construction 09

The Above Photo Shows The Exterior Home Coverage. The Black Area is Actually the 30 lb. Felt used to "Wrap" The Exterior of the Home. The Felt Coverage Creates a "Wind Barrier" As Well as Additional Insulating Value. The 2x8" White Pine Lapped Log Siding is Applied After the 30 lb. Felt is Applied. The Exterior Log Siding is Fastened to the Home with Galvanized Ring Shank Nails.

The Below Photo Shows the Home Framing as Well as the Insulation Package Included with the Pinewood Series Home. Exterior Walls are Insulated with R-13 Batts, Some Interior Walls are Soundproofed with R-11 Batts, Vaulted Ceilings Are Insulated with R-19 Batts, All Flat Ceilings Are Insulated with R-30 Blown-In Insulation.