Bass Log Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often do you have to treat the exterior Logs/Log Siding ?

A. Generally around every 3 years as an average, depending on the homes location, i.e.. open area versus shaded area. We use an exterior oil based Wood Preservative and Sealer, the products name is TWP, (Total Wood Preservative).TWP can be applied using an airless, pump, or Wagner Type sprayer, or it can be brushed on. The average Pinewood Home will use approximately 5 gallons per coat, 5 gallons of TWP will cost, if purchased thru us, (we stock it in 5 gallon containers in our warehouse), $95.00 per 5 gallon container. The application time will be approximately 3-4 hours. TWP is a transparent product, if you over spray your windows, it can be removed easily with a Windex type Window cleaner.
Q. What do we do about Termites ?
A. Termites come from the ground, if you treat the ground , under your home, once a year, every year, you should not have any problems. Your local exterminator can be very helpful with the treatment and control of Termites.
Q.Do you do your own financing?
A. We do not do our own financing, we do work, however, with many local lenders in our area. We can refer you to a lender who is familiar with us, and our homes. Conventional lenders classify our �Pinewood Series� as homes, not as manufactured , or modular type homes, because of this, you will be able to obtain your loan thru a regular lender such as a bank or mortgage company
Q. How energy efficient are your homes?
A. It has been very difficult for governing agencies throughout the country to establish specific R-Values for solid wood, the R-Values seem to vary from state to state. We can, however , tell you that most of our customers tell us that their new homes energy bills run about one third the cost of their previous homes energy bills
Q. What does your Materials Package include ?
A. All of the materials necessary to put the house �In The Dry�, or to the �Shell� stage. The Materials Package does not include the foundation, or the fasteners.
Q. What does your Dry-In include ?
A. All of the materials and labor necessary to put the house �In The Dry�, or to the �Shell� stage, including a concrete block and pad foundation. The Dry-In does not include interior wiring, plumbing, or finish out materials.
Q. What lengths does the lumber come in in the Materials Package ?
A. The framing lumber comes in lengths as specified in the included materials breakdown list, the Log Siding comes in random lengths ranging from 8� to 16�.
Q. What do I need to do at my property to receive a materials package ?
A. Make sure that your site is easily accessible to large trucks. You will have to make arrangements to have a forklift and operator at your site in order to off load the truck, the driver will not unload the materials